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The latest PS4 update has some secret features you probably didn't know about


We were pretty excited for the PS4's 3.5 firmware update, which added the functionality to stream to PC and Mac, but Sony snuck in a few extra features that are only now coming to the surface.

Some Redditors have noted that the update adds support for a 4TB hard drive, while the USB music player has made a return. So from now on, you can simply plug in a USB stick and start listening to your tunes.

As well as that, you can now:

  • Limit the size of your parties
  • Get rid of that annoying notification pop-up when you take a screenshot
  • Use the games list search to easily find streams (and not return all other content). You can also pin up to three games that will stay top of the list
  • Tag other players when sharing screenshots and video

There are a few other little features too - you can check out the entire list here.