Xbox Live-Amex link up lets you earn real life rewards for gaming

Money off and vouchers galore

American Express has teamed up with Xbox Live to offer you a bunch of free vouchers and credit off your statements when you play Halo 4.

The link-up uses a technology Amex is calling Card Sync to let you earn real life rewards for unlocking achievements in the game.

You'll have to have an eligible American Express card and be willing to sync it to your Xbox Live account, but once you've done that it will let you unlock exclusive content, as well as build up offline benefits.

Amex is hoping to entice you to sign up by offering some goodies just for syncing your card.

In the UK, these include:

  • Carphone Warehouse – Spend £50, Get £25
  • Cineworld Cinemas – Spend £10, Get £10
  • Dixons Travel – Spend £50, Get £25
  • Topman – Spend £50, Get £25
  • £10 statement credit from American Express

While in the US, the rewards are:

  • AMC Theaters – Spend $10, Get $5
  • PacSun – Spend $50, Get $25
  • $10 statement credit from American Express

You'll also build up rewards by playing Halo 4.

For example, completing a Spartan Ops Mission on any difficulty, unlocks a Currys PC World offer in the UK, while US Cardmembers unlock one from Best Buy.



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