Rock Band smoke machine and strobe light

Heavy metal is certainly the musical flavour of this year’s festival season, so it’s nice to hear that the Rock Band Stage Kit is soon to be made available – allowing you to pretend to be Motorhead’s Lemmy or Kiss’s Gene Simmons in your front room, along with full dry ice and strobe effects.

Mildly ridiculous

It’s mildly ridiculous, yes. However, if you shelled out £180 for the full Rock Band kit (including guitars, drums, microphone) when it released last week, then spending an extra $100 (£50) on a dry ice and strobe machine doesn’t seem too much to ask.

The Rock Band smoke machine and strobe light releases on August 15. Of course, you could always head to your local disco lighting or guitar store and pick up a similar kit, but this one apparently has game-specific features.