Download of the day: TeamViewer

A program so powerful you can’t let it fall into the wrong hands

One of the big problems with technology is that you can’t stop the bad guys from using it - so if you were to create, say, a really useful remote access tool for collaborating and providing support, scammers might use it in their “Your PC is infected! Give us cash!” scams.

Don’t let the antics of a few bad apples tarnish TeamViewer’s reputation, though: it’s a really useful app that’s been installed on more than 1 billion devices, only some of which belong to gullible pensioners.

Why you need it

TeamViewer offers instant online communication and remote access. You can quickly and securely connect to other devices anywhere in the world, share an online whiteboard, access audio or video from remote devices and record your sessions.

If you’re in the kind of business where people think outside the box, run things up flagpoles and throw things at the wall to see what sticks, you’re in the kind of business where TeamViewer excels.

But it’s not just for blab sessions. You can also use it to remotely control PCs, Windows Mobile and Android devices as if they were your own devices, which can save a great deal of time in tech support situations.

Download here: TeamViewer




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