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Speechmatics review

In our Speechmatics review, we discover that this truly is one of the most powerful transcription programs available

Speechmatics review
Speechmatics offers a selection of audio to text transcription tools.
(Image: © Speechmatics)

Our Verdict

Speechmatics is touted as one of the best speech-to-text programs, and its great performance, impressive features, and powerful transcription engine confirm this.


  • Extremely powerful transcription engine
  • Impressive API integration


  • No out-of-the-box solutions
  • No free option

In our search for the best speech-to-text apps, we arrive at Speechmatics, an AI-based transcription program. It offers a selection of free and premium features, including real-time transcriptions and audio file uploads. 

Our Speechmatics review covers every aspect of this program, including its performance, pricing, main features, and usability. The program mainly targets large business users, but one notable thing is that it enables you to perform basic transcriptions without creating an account.

Speechmatics: Plans and pricing 

Since Speechmatics is an Enterprise-level program, prices aren’t actively advertised. In general, though, it uses a volume-based pricing structure, which means that the amount you pay will depend on your transcription volume. The best way to find out more is to speak directly with the Speechmatics team. A demo may be available on request. 

Speechmatics review

Speechmatics is custom priced based on your requirements and the volume of transcriptions you need. (Image credit: Speechmatics)

If this isn’t enough, you can upgrade to a premium subscription by contacting the Speechmatics sales team. Prices are custom and quoted on a case to case basis, and the included tools, features, and transcription minutes can be varied as well.   

Speechmatics: Features 

 As a powerful speech-to-text program, Speechmatics naturally offers a selection of great features. For starters, it supports more than 31 languages in almost all dialects and accents. For example, the English language package is universal and recognizes everything from Australian to Irish accents. 

Speechmatics review

Speechmatics offers highly advanced transcription features. (Image credit: Speechmatics)

Speechmatics also supports real-time subtitling through its powerful API engine. Basically, the end user—for example, a news channel, live streamer, or other broadcaster—will link directly to the transcription engine, which provides extremely accurate results.  On top of this, it offers highly advanced punctuation tools, and it can accurately place full stops, commas, question marks, and more.  

It’s worth understanding that Speechmatics is also highly configurable. For example, you can create your own user interface, add special words to your personal dictionary and teach the engine to recognize them, and even bleep out profanity or sensitive information.

Speechmatics: Setup 

Setting up your Speechmatics software may be a little complicated, but this will depend on exactly what you’re going to use it for. In general, you will need to create your own custom interface that links to the transcription engine with an API.

Speechmatics review

Speechmatics offers a number of deployment options.  (Image credit: Speechmatics)

The Speechmatics team will be able to advise on the different deployment options available and which is best suited to your needs. These include via the Speechmatics cloud, a public cloud, on premises, or as a mixture of the three.

Speechmatics: Interface 

Ultimately, Speechmatics doesn’t actually come with a native user interface. In general, you will need to integrate the software with your own interface using an API. You may also be able to access prebuilt user interfaces through one of Speechmatics’ partners, but this will depend on what you’re going to use the software for.

Speechmatics review

Speechmatics powers numerous companies that use their own custom transcription interfaces.   (Image credit: Speechmatics)

Speechmatics: Performance 

Speechmatics is a very powerful transcription program with excellent real-time and batch processing performance. We tested it with a selection of different accents and were extremely happy with the results.  

Speechmatics review

Speechmatics provides fast, accurate real-time transcription solutions.   (Image credit: Speechmatics)

For starters, the Speechmatics engine recognizes even the most difficult accents without any specific regional language packs. It’s able to accurately transcribe fast, somewhat muffled speech, and it even includes accurate punctuation. Custom words can be added to your personal dictionary to improve transcription accuracy even further. 

On top of this, its batch processing capabilities are very impressive. Even large files are transcribed accurately in minutes, and the engine’s speaker recognition ability is great.

Speechmatics: Support 

Speechmatics offers a selection of customer support streams, including phone, email, chatbot, and extensive documentation. Phone support is available in England, the USA, and Canada, but calling from outside these countries could result in significant charges.

Speechmatics review

Speechmatics offers a selection of support options.  (Image credit: Speechmatics)

With that in mind, we’d recommend using Speechmatics’ online ticket submission or email support. However, don’t expect rapid service unless you’re signed up with a paid subscription.

Fortunately, though, there is a great range of written guides available to help you troubleshoot common problems. The FAQ section helped us a lot when we were getting started, and those with a paid plan can also access a comprehensive documentation library. 

Speechmatics: Final verdict 

All things considered, Speechmatics is one of the best speech-to-text transcription programs we’ve used. There’s no free trial or free plan available, but you can request a demo if required. Overall, the transcription engine is extremely powerful and provides fast, accurate real-time and batch transcriptions.  

Along with this, Speechmatics comes with a selection of advanced features, including the ability to recognize a wide range of accents. You can also add custom words to your personal dictionary, and the punctuation tools are truly impressive.  

Overall, Speechmatics is a powerful option worth considering for larger businesses with high transcription volumes. For accurate prices, your best option is to speak directly with the company’s sales team. 

The competition 

Speechmatics is a powerful option for those with large-scale transcription needs, but it’s not a great choice for personal or small business users. In this case, Otter is a great alternative for those looking for fast, accurate transcriptions backed by powerful features. It offers 600 minutes of free voice to text, and paid plans are available from $8.33 per month. Meanwhile, programs like Braina Pro ($49/year or $139 for life) offer a huge range of management and editing tools alongside their core speech-to-text functions. 

Find our more about Speechmatics' competitors in our Best speech-to-text software guide.

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