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Solwise PL-200AV-PIGGY review

Not the best looking kit out there, but does this PIGGY put in a more attractive performance?

Each of the Solwise units is very slim and will comfortably fit next to other plugs in their wall sockets

Our Verdict

A decent powerline solution for the more budget-conscious


  • Slim and compact units
  • Easy setup and configuration


  • Costly kit
  • Not the best looking units

The strange name of the Solwise PL-200AV-PIGGY adapter makes more sense once you unpack the box.

Each adapter is rather tall at 123mm and is also relatively deep at 71mm because it carries a female three-pin mains power socket piggy-back style.

It's a simple idea that allows you to leave a network adapter plugged into a mains socket without losing a power point or, heaven help us, resorting to a two- or three-way adapter.

Compact units

This convenience has another aspect, as each unit is very slim and will comfortably fit next to other plugs in their wall sockets. Many rivals are fairly wide and could possibly cause problems next to chunky power adapters.

The plug-through unit can support a maximum load of 8Amps, so you'll be able to use it as a regular socket, unless you want to plug in a three-bar heater, and the premium for this feature is a mere £6 on top of a regular Net-PL-200AV-PUSH.

These adapters were the simplest devices to connect among the competition. Plug in the first adapter, push the Simple Connect button, then plug in the second unit and push its button within two minutes and the green activity lights come to life.

This allows the units to handshake with 128-bit AES encryption enabled without messing around with passwords.

Security settings

Solwise includes its HomePlug AV Utility, which includes options to enable Quality of Service settings that favour gaming, audio or VoIP services over other traffic. There's another option that allows you to update the firmware on the adapter which helps to maintain compatibility between different models of HomePlug AV adapters.

You can also use the AV Utility to configure your security settings if the idea of pushing buttons seems too laborious.

Add that lot together and you have a very capable set of HomePlug AV adapters that may save your bacon if you're short on electrical sockets. Unfortunately, they also look rather unappealing and cost a pretty penny into the bargain.