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Trust 8110B review

Humble in price, but what about performance?

Our Verdict

A good sounding set of surround sound speakers that don't break the bank


  • Decent sound quality

    Deep and powerful wood-cased subwoofer

    Low price


  • Satellite design a bit cheap

The Trust name is synonymous with PC peripherals and has been a favourite with smaller PC builders for years. Much of this popularity has been based on cost but while the company has not always hit the quality button on its diverse range of products, its sound hardware has always been more on the reliable and value for money side of the quality fence.

It's therefore interesting to see the company up its stakes in the home entertainment market with another set of surround sound speakers to rival its 5.1 range. There are rumours too that the company will launch a plasma TV line later this year and, given its history in challenging pricing, it could be an interesting development for entry level digital home enthusiasts.

While keeping the price respectable on its 7.1 speaker set, Trust has put in a bit of extra effort by increasing the functionality and standards compatibility. The 7.1 Home Theatre System supports full Dolby Surround EX, DTSES, DTS, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Surround EX, Dolby Stereo, Dolby Pro Logic II and Direct X support for 3D sound.

This is the top of the pile for the company in terms of its speaker range and the inclusion of a 40W RMS wood cased subwoofer has done it no harm. Good subwoofers, especially at this price bracket, are hard to come by and you invariably have to look further up the food chain to find something with a bit more bite. This of course comes at a price, but for the money, this is a decent speaker. The bass quality packs a punch, just enough to bring a smile to any fan of garage music.

The subwoofer is joined with six satellites and a central speaker via a separate control unit. This unit has a built-in 7.1 surround amplifier and controls for front, side, rear, centre, subwoofer and master volume. It's also backwards compatible for 5.1 surround sound which currently puts it in line with a wider selection of compatible devices. Basically the speakers are designed for use with Dolby Digital decoders, DVD players with 7.1 output and computers with 7.1 sound but that doesn't mean it won't do a job for you at a lower spec.

Sound quality is excellent, even more so when you take into consideration the price. With speakers such as the 5.1 surround sound compatible Elac 24 CM (£1,000) you would rightly expect sound quality to die for, but splashing out £90 on this Trust package affords you something more than adequate.

Trust is building a reputation for breaking moulds in pricing and performance comparisons and keeps pushing the boundaries. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. but with the 7.1 Home Theatre speaker set it appears to have landed on its feet, or should that be ears.