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Daewoo SV900 review

A digibox that records onto VHS

Our Verdict

Simple to set up and ideal for those that don't want a DVD or hard-disk recorder


  • Easy setup

    Good response

    Clean picture


  • Old technology

For those that aren't wooed by the idea of having a hard-disk drive in their receiver, Daewoo has provided the good old fashioned solution: VHS video tape.

Looking like any regular VCR on the market, the SV900 offers pretty standard connections. Around the back there's a pair of Scarts (one RGB capable), alongside phono outputs for audio, while at the front there's the usual composite suspects.

Set-up is easy and the Freeview receiver is very efficient. Channel selection and digital text are snappy to respond and the guide scrolls through the channels with consummate ease. The VCR can be programmed using VideoPlus, which while not perfect is preferable to manual entry of times, dates etc.

The Setpal digital tuner utilised by the SV900 is more than up to the job. Colour and detail are clean and sharp and manage to neatly sidestep any issues regarding digital artefacts.

Obviously, recording to VHS means that you won't be able to maintain the quality of the original broadcast but this is no real cause for alarm.