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IT administrators look for job switch

Stressed man
End users are pushing admins to crack up

Stress is driving a majority of IT administrators to look for a change of job, according to the annual IT Admin Stress Survey by Opinion Matters.

Commissioned by GFI Software, it shows that 73% of the 206 surveyed in the UK between 5-12 March are considering leaving their jobs due to workplace stress, up from 69% last year. 68% say their job is stressful, and 18% have suffered resultant health issues such as high blood pressure.

They pointed the fingers at dealing with managers, end user support requests, budget squeezes and tight deadlines as the main causes of stress.

Crucially for smaller companies, those looking for a way out are more likely to be at firms with 100-249 employees.

Most also said they work overtime during the average week, with 34% exceeding the 48 hours laid down in the EU Working Time Directive.

Phil Bousfield, General Manager IT Operations at GFI Software, said it is a serious issue.

"We all know that a happy workforce is a productive workforce, so it is concerning that so many of our survey respondents are stressed to the point that they are actively considering leaving their current role in order to achieve a better work/life balance," he said.

"For SMBs in particular, the research is a stark reminder that IT staff need to be supported and given the right resources – staff, budget and technology - to do their jobs well and that management need to be an enabler, not an obstacle for IT progress."

The company has also published a blogpost on some of the most ridiculous things that end users have said to the survey respondents.