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Winners of #ifihadglass challenge will be told in coming days

Google Glass
Will the winners please stand up, please stand up?

Like Rod Roddy once famously and daily intoned, Google's Project Glass will soon tell winners to "come on down" and join the Explorer Program for the wearable future tech.

In a Google+ post today, the Project Glass team said that the results for its #ifihadglass challenge are in and over the next few days, winners will find out if they were chosen to join the program.

Prospective winners are told to look out on Twitter and Google+ for posts from @projectglass and +Project Glass to see if they've been selected.

Winners - who are U.S.-only for now - still need to pay US$1,500 for a pair, and only individuals are eligible right now, so sorry JetBlue. Google promises to connect with businesses like you in "other ways."

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Via Engadget