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Heathrow Express gets Wi-Fi

Travellers on the Heathrow Express can now use T-Mobile's Wi-Fi HotSpot service

Heathrow Express travellers will be able to use Wi-Fi aboard the train service from today. T-Mobile's Wi-Fi HotSpot service has been extended to the Heathrow Express, with 2Mbit/s data speeds available throughout the journey.

Customers can buy T-Mobile Wi-Fi HotSpot access passes for the service on the trains. These passes can also be used at Heathrow Airport or in Central London locations that have HotSpots. T-Mobile's Wi-Fi service is currently available in over 1,000 locations in the UK including Starbucks coffee houses, Borders bookshops, airport lounges and selected hotels.

The Heathrow Express service has been developed with Nomad Digital . It uses WiMAX technology deployed underground for the first time anywhere in the world to cover a 6km tunnel section .

"The service will help passengers make good use of their valuable time; catching-up with those last minute emails, Googling that pre-meeting research, checking that their flight is on time, or even watching the goal they missed while they were in the air," commented Richard Warmsley, head of Internet on the Move, T-Mobile UK.