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Director Ridley Scott reveals he has a VR movie in the works

Virtual reality

Sir Ridley Scott, the director of The Martian, which is set to come out later this week, has confirmed that he is currently working on a virtual reality film.

While it has been previously rumored that Scott will be working on a VR movie, speaking to Yahoo, the 77-year-old director confirmed it, though he didn't reveal too much else.

"You have to go for it. You've got to, you'd be stupid not to," he said about virtual reality films, adding that he is currently "in one now."

And though he didn't reveal what the VR project is, Scott said it likely won't see a theatre release.

"It points to me as probably a domestic experience, where you can sit in a room like this and [walk] through a whole universe by yourself, and then pass it on to your family," he told the website.

There's also a 15-minute VR experience based on The Martian set to be released for the Oculus Rift, however, this one is directed by Maleficent director Robert Stromberg.

It'll have viewers in the role of an astronaut, and Scott say it will be about what you have to do to save your life.