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Virgin Media hopes to spoil Sky's UHD party with 4K set-top box reveal

Virgin TV V6 TiVo Box

We've known for some time that a 4K Virgin Media box is coming, but until now we haven't known any more details than that.

This has all changed thanks to a tweet from Virgin Media's corporate account which has given us our first look at the company's new set-top unit.

Not much more is known about the new box at this time, but Virgin Media has previously confirmed that its new box will support 4K resolutions.

A Sky Q rival?

The timing of the announcement makes sense – Sky's own 4K programming on Sky Q is set to begin with the start of the Premier League season this weekend, after a preseason game was broadcast in 4K last week.

However, unlike Sky's offering, Virgin Media's existing set-top boxes have been much more traditional affairs, which offer connectivity to various streaming services as well as the ability to pause, rewind and record live TV.

Sky Q, meanwhile, offers the ability to stream live TV to tablets, as well as a variety of other features – all of which you can read about in our full Sky Q review.