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Siri will only work on the new Apple TV in 8 countries at launch

Apple TV Siri remote

After years of rumors, the new Apple TV has officially been announced and as expected, Siri has wormed her digital presence into the new remote for voice control and search.

But according to the Apple TV developers page, it appears that only those lucky enough to live in eight selected countries will get to enjoy the power of the digital assistant when the new Apple TV launches around the world.

Users in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, the UK and the US will all get to control the new home entertainment hub with their voice, pressing the microphone button to enable Siri control.

But for everyone else around the world, pressing the microphone button on the new controller will instead "open the onscreen search app".

Exactly what that entails is yet to be seen, although we'd expect it to resemble the current search function on the Apple TV, with a more integrated approach across the new range of Apple TV apps.

That's not to say that Siri support will never come to countries outside of those initial eight, but it's definitely worth taking into account before you rush out to pre-order the device.