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Apple just gave its Apple TV operating system a big boost


Apple has announced a new update for its tvOS platform, one that's beefier - and a better listener - than anything we've had for Apple TV previously.

The biggest addition coming with tvOS 9.2 is Siri Remote dictation. Now, instead of having to type your way to movies, shows and apps, you can simply ask Siri to find them for you in the App Store. The virtual assistant can even understand username and passwords you speak out loud.

The Apple TV OS update also adds voice search support to more channels, including NBC, Disney, and Fox Now, with more promised on the way.

Beyond better voice controls, tvOS 9.2 brings a feature called Folders so you can organize your entertainment into sensical silos.

Finally, tvOS 9.2 lets users access the whole of their iCloud photo library instead of the limited number of images they could view up until now. It also adds Live Photo support for moving pictures you've snapped with your iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus or, drum roll, the just announced iPhone SE.

tvOS 9.2 is free and available today for fourth-gen Apple TVs.