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Skyrim Remastered and Watch Dogs 2 already discounted in the UK PlayStation Store

The UK PlayStation Store has started its Black Friday sale which is offering discounts of up to 60%, and even more for PlayStation Plus members from now until November 28. 

There are pages and pages of games to scroll through covering PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita titles. The most notable deals are, of course, the most recently released titles since it’s rare to see brand new games with any kind of significant discount, even if they’re pre-owned. 

 Black Friday deals Quick Links:

In fact some of the titles in this sale were released as recently as this month, including Watch Dogs 2 and Skyrim Remastered. Watch Dogs 2 Deluxe edition is 27% off its usual PlayStation Store price, costing £39.99 which makes it cheaper than picking up a physical copy of the Game at retailers such as Game, Tesco, and Argos.

Skyrim Remastered is being sold at a 37% discount for £24.99, which is cheaper than the cheapest physical retailer Smyths toys, and even Amazon. 

Other recent PS4 releases worth noting are Titanfall 2 for £34.99, Battlefield 1 for £36.99, and Fifa 17 for £32.99. It's also worth noting that Deluxe Editions of both Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 are being sold in a bundle which costs £79.99, £20 cheaper than buying them separately within the very same sale. 

These digital sales are also generally a good opportunity to pick up complete series of episodic games for slightly cheaper and in PlayStation’s Black Friday sale you’ll find Life is Strange for only £4.99 and Telltale’s Batman for £15.99.

With pages upon pages of discounts to click through, make sure you don’t miss a game you’ve been waiting to play. The full list in the PlayStation Store can be found here. The sale only runs until Monday November 28, though, so make sure to act fast.