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Sansa View: our predictions were true

As we predicted in our IFA 2007 show report last week, SanDisk has decided to revive its Sansa View digital media player.

The 9mm thin 16GB SanDisk Sansa View is set to take on the newly revamped Apple iPod nano in the midsized video player market. The first Sansa View was canned earlier this year when SanDisk decided the market was not ready for it.

The relaunched flash memory player will play video at 30fps, display photos on its 2.4-inch widescreen display and will tune in to FM radio stations. There's also a line-in feature for recording radio.

Better than iPod: expandable RAM

You can beef up the storage to 24GB by teaming the built-in microSDHC memory card slot with an 8GB microSDHC card (around £60 extra). Battery life is said to be seven hours when playing video and up to 35 hours when listening to music.

SanDisk has struggled to make its name in the European market, but in the US it is the second biggest seller of MP3 players in the US after Apple.

Two versions of the SanDisk Sansa View will be available; the 8GB model will cost around £150 and the 16GB version just under £200. They'll be available sometime in October.