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TomTom announces one-button GPS Watches

In an attempt to enter the looming smart watch market before the competition, TomTom has announced that it will be launching two GPS sports watches - the TomTom Runner and TomTom Multi-Sport.

Making the announcement at a keynote in Amsterdam today, TomTom co-founder Corinne Vigreux said: "We don't want to be restricted to just the car", before unveiling the snazzy-looking new fitness watches.

The TomTom Runner is aimed at the jogger, while the Multi-Sport also offers features for swimmers and cyclists. All the information will be displayed on the extra large display which offers one-button control.

Both models include inbuilt GPS, and aim to be as lightweight as possible, only 11.5mm at their thickest point. That said, they both come with an extra-large, high-resolution display for at-a-glance convenience.

Fitness navigation

"We want to be the brand of choice for everyday athletes," said Gary Raucher, Global Head of Marketing for TomTom Consumer.

TomTom will also be the launching MySports platform, letting you plug in, record and share you stats on fitness sites.

TomTom previous partnered with Nike+ for the Nike+ Smartwatch. The site for the new TomTom GPS Sport Watches has just gone live.