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Windows Phone Tango update to follow Mango?

Windows Phone Tango, like Mango but fizzier
Windows Phone Tango, like Mango but fizzier

Microsoft's next Windows Phone update will be called Tango, according to inside sources.

Although Microsoft has yet to announce any details of what will come after its uber-update Mango, which brings such things multi-tasking, improved keyboard and Twitter and Linkedin integration, Digitimes believes that this will be superseded by Tango and this will eventually be ousted by an update called Apollo.

Mango, Tango, Quango?

Now, we know what you are thinking, why isn't Microsoft continuing with the rhyming update theme?

Google has done well in piquing our interest with calling its updates after food (alphabetically arranged food at that), Microsoft could easily have milked the rhyming thing some more, if it hadn't chosen a name that hardly anything else rhymes with.

Interestingly, Tango may be a new update but there have been some rumblings that Apollo will be another major update, which would lead us to believe that Tango would be something of an incremental one.