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Linux for Palm put back until 2008

Palm's Linux-based OS has been delayed until next year

Palm won't put out the Linux-based version of its Palm mobile OS until next year, the company has announced. Palm originally hinted that the first Linux-based 'Palm OS II' devices would be out later this year. But the project is taking longer than expected, Brighthand reports.

Palm CEO Ed Colligan recently announced that "products based on the new Linux-based platform won't be available until some time next year," according to the article.

He added that Palm will continue to make devices running the Palm OS - now known as Garnet OS - and Windows Mobile. Around half of Palm devices currently sold are based on Windows Mobile.

Linux core

The Garnet OS is to be migrated to a Linux core, but will still support older Palm OS applications. The updated mobile OS will allow Palm to compete with the Apple iPhone and other challengers running Garnet OS and Windows Mobile. Prior to this it had been many years since the OS was updated.

Palm has previously admitted it was worried about the Apple iPhone. It warned investors that it might post a loss next quarter as a result of the iPhone hype.