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IDF Spring 2007: Farm out your PC woes

Intel's Eric Kim is manager of the Digital Home group

Thanks to a new development announced by Intel , you could soon be getting someone else to fix your PC's niggles. Remote fixing isn't new - it's been used by companies for years - but Intel wants to bring it to home PCs. Indeed, it could be you getting a big-name computer retailer to remotely fix your PC without having to drag it miles to a faceless retail park.

The concept is, however, slightly unnerving - we certainly wouldn't trust many spotty scallies with our valued machines if we had a problem. But, more sensibly, the concept could also be used by your PC's manufacturer to fix your PC while it is still under warranty, or if you have extended support.

Intel's announcement was more of a declaration of intent. At the end of his keynote, Eric Kim, manager of Intel's Digital Home Group, mentioned that it would borrow elements from its business-focused vPro platform and bring them to consumer platforms such as Viiv.

Those elements include the remote management function - one of the cornerstones of vPro and its new mobile cousin Centrino Pro . Both enable IT managers to gain full remote management control of a PC

Kim said Intel wants to launch the technology to consumers in 2008.