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WebOS tablet on show in Palm preview video

The first purported images of the PalmPad emerged last month

A video hinting at the long-awaited HP Palm webOS tablet has poked out its head ahead of the rumoured launch next week.

The brief nine second teaser posted on Palm's official YouTube channel shows very little but the sultry curves of a glossy device, with buttons on the rounded edges.

Not exactly a lot to go on really is it? So how do we know that this is the HP PalmPad?

Well, we don't, but we suspect it is, given that the HP "Think big, think small, think beyond" event is less than a week away on Wednesday 9th February.

Perhaps on a big day for the possibilities of Android tablets and the huge iPad Daily announcement, HP and Palm just wanted to let us know it's still in the game.

We'll find out next Wednesday.