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Apple to launch 'GarageBand for ebooks'?

Apple to launch 'GarageBand for ebooks'?
That's not quite what the teacher asked you to read, is it

Apple has the ebook market in its sights for its media event on Thursday, with the latest leaks suggesting that it has 'GarageBand for ebooks' in the works.

By that, we mean a one-stop ebook formatting shop that allows easy creation of interactive, iBook-compliant interactive ebooks. Doesn't that sound fun?

What it may mean is an end to all those horribly formatted, cheaply produced ebooks that are occasionally ripped verbatim from Wikipedia and seem to pop up no matter what you search for in the Apple ebookstore.

They'll still be ripped verbatim from Wikipedia, but at least they'll look a bit better and, perhaps, feature swizzy interactive stuff.

Digital destruction

But it's digital textbooks that will be the headline news at Apple's New York event, with expected announcements to include textbooks on iBooks and improvements to the iTunes University.

Ars Technica's source adds that this digital textbook mission was Steve Jobs' pet project in the final years of his life, and was set to be announced alongside the iPhone 4S in October 2011, but pushed back due to Jobs' grave health.

From Ars Technica