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Microsoft backs UK for global tech leadership

(Image credit: Future)

Microsoft has thrown its weight behind the UK’s AI industry, despite the company releasing research that warns the nation is at risk of falling behind in terms of future development.

Speaking at its Future Decoded event in London today, Microsoft UK CEO Cindy Rose backed the country to succeed in spite of challenges such as Brexit.

This followed Microsoft’s new report outlining that British businesses face losing ground to international rivals due to apparent sluggishness in getting AI embedded in their workplace.


 “While we're all understandably focused on what will happen on the UK in the coming days and weeks...we have to invest in the growth engines that will sustain our economic prosperity for the next decade,” Rose said in her keynote to open the event.

Outlining a number of high-profile Microsoft AI projects operating in the UK today, Rose noted that the country remains in the top three worldwide for its work in AI technology.

“These strengths put the UK in a position to really maximise this economic opportunity in the years to come,” she added. “I think it's exciting that the UK has the chance to take leadership on this issue.”

“We remain deeply optimistic that the UK can build on its position as a global technology leader, a location for businesses to start up and grow, and can continue to be a competitive force on the global stage in the age of artificial intelligence.”