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One in 10 UK web visits to social networks

Facebook - flying
Facebook - flying

Visits to social networking sites accounted for one in every 10 internet visits in the UK over the Christmas week, with Facebook the major beneficiary.

Incredibly, according to Hitwise statistics, one in every 22 UK internet visits on Christmas day was to the Facebook social network, which has quickly established itself as one of the most visited sites on the planet.

Last year saw Facebook reach a new height that it then took another seven months to beat, and this target has jumped once more as people updated their statuses and checked in on their friends in the Christmas week.

Second best

A 4.65 per cent market share saw Facebook become the second most visited site behind Google which managed a staggering 8.63 per cent.

All of this pushed the total stats for social networks - including the likes of Bebo and MySpace - to 10.03 per cent of the total UK traffic in Christmas week.

Also noteworthy in the statistics was YouTube's rapid growth – with the video-sharing site pushing past Microsoft's Live Hotmail service for the first time to become the UK's third most visited website.