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LulzSec denies attack on The Sun

LulzSec - in the headlines
LulzSec - in the headlines

The Sun Online and other News International servers are reportedly the latest targets for hackers, although LulzSec has denied responsibility.

Suggesting that The Sun's coverage of the arrest and subsequent charging of Ryan Cleary on hacking offences has painted a target on News International, the Telegraph report puts forward the idea that LulzSec are responsible.

However, using its Twitter feed LulzSec denied that such an attack had been orchestrated by them.

Framing fail?

"Clearing up yet more failed attempts at framing: we didn't attack The Sun or The Times in any way with any kind of DDoS attack. Cheers," read the tweet.

A later tweet read: "A shout-out to all the real journalists on the Internet; writing to give people the real facts, not writing to meet the evening deadline."

Cleary was charged with five separate offences on 22 June, and stands accused of DDoS attacks on SOCA, the BPI and IFPI.