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Video game Tekken to be turned into 3D animated film

Tekken - the mickey?
Tekken - the mickey?

Video game Tekken is set to be made into a 3D animated movie as Tekken: Blood Vengeance - with the fighting game making a return to the big screen.

Video games hardly have the greatest of track records - as Super Mario Bros starring Bob Hoskins would underline - but the decision to use graphics rather than live action is definitely an interesting step.

The film will be shown in digital 3D, with animated films often providing some fairly impression third dimension shots, and will be written by Dai Sato.

Summer fightin'

The movie is set to arrive in the summer, although there is no official word on a UK release. The fact that it is a 3D film suggests that, even if it doesn't make it to our multiplexes, it will snapped up for Sky 3D or by Virgin Media for its on demand 3D service.

Those who know their below par fighting movies will point out that Tekken is not a stranger to the movie world - with the rubbish live-action Tekken from 2010 (featuring former Bros man Luke Goss) not exactly setting the world alight.

Tekken creator Katsuhiro Harada Joked: "There was a Tekken movie before from Hollywood but please forget about that."