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DVD still king of home cinema jungle

DVD is not dead. It's official!
DVD is not dead. It's official!

DVD is still very much the in-demand format of choice, equating to 63 per cent of all home entertainment purchases made in the US.

This statistic comes from a new report released by research analysts The NPD Group, which suggests there's still life in the standard-def disc format.

Blu-ray is competing but only just, accounting for just 7 per cent of home entertainment sales. The hi-def disc has even been trumped by VOD, which came in a 9 per cent.

Discs are dominant

It was downloads which fared the worst, however, contributing to a mere 3 per cent of consumer spending.

"While many in the home video industry worry that digital consumers might walk away from packaged media, that hasn't happened yet," noted Russ Crupnick of NPD about the report.

"Discs are still and by far the dominant way Americans enjoy home video, but there is an increasing appetite for digital options.

"The good news is that the consumers engaging with digital video today also tend to be heavy consumers of DVD and Blu-ray, but it remains to be seen just how long physical discs and digital formats can co-exist."

Via Home Cinema Choice