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Sanyo unleashes entry level projector

Sanyo's new PLV-Z700
Sanyo's new PLV-Z700

Sanyo has announced the release of a new Full HD projector, titled the PLV-Z700.

Designed for use in the home – let's face it, you're not exactly going to use it outside – the projector has a similar look to Sanyo's previous model, the PLV-Z2000.

Specs have been tweaked, however, to make the projector more suitable for an entry-level market.

Reduced specs

This includes reducing the contrast ratio to 10,000:1 (from 15,000:1). It should mean, though, the price will be reduced. We would love to clarify that but Sanyo is keeping hush-hush about the money situation at the moment.

Connectivity is standard on the system with, among other, two HDMI 1.3b ports, while you also get a variable iris that controls lens iris adjustment every 1/60th of a second – which sounds very impressive.

Although no price has been announced, you can expect the PLV-Z700 to hit shelves in October.