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Star Trek MMO heads to PlayStation 3

Star Trek MMO is PS3-bound... "Beam us up, Sony!"
Star Trek MMO is PS3-bound... "Beam us up, Sony!"

MMO developer Cryptic Studios is bringing its Star Trek MMO to Sony's PlayStation 3 console, according to latest reports based on job ads from the well-respected studio.

An official confirmation of a PS3 version is still to be made, but Kotaku noticed a job ad on Craigslist that pretty much confirms what we already suspected.

The Federation-themed MMO Star Trek online will be truly multi-format, appearing on Microsoft's Xbox 360 as well as Sony's PS3 and the good ol' PC.

MMO challenge

"Are you interested in a challenge?" reads the job ad.

"We have developed a flexible, cutting edge MMO platform to power games like Champions and Star Trek Online. It runs on PC and Xbox 360 – now we want to support PS3 too. Are you an expert PS3 coder? Do you enjoy squeezing every last drop of performance and spare memory out of the system?"

Check out Cryptic's website for more info on the new Star Trek MMO.