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Pumped-up 250GB PS3 Slim a 'definite for October'

250GB PS3 Slim out in October
250GB PS3 Slim out in October

Like waiting for a fun-bus, no sooner than Sony releases one new PlayStation 3, another one follows just over a month later, with UK retailers confirming today that a 250GB PS3 is due to release in October.

Sony is clearly going all-guns to own the gaming market this coming Christmas holiday season, offering gamers the £250 120GB PS3 Slim and the as-yet-unpriced slightly more expensive ultimate 250GB PS3.

A definite

Eurogamer confirmed that the 250GB PlayStation 3 Slim bundle "is a definite for October" with one of their trusted retail sources.

Sony has, of course, declined to comment on rumour and speculation.

The Tokyo Game Show starts later this month, running from September 24 to 27. TechRadar will be there, to bring you all the official news and announcements from Sony and all the other major Japanese gaming giants as and when it happens.