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Buzz PlayStation game to educate

Learning games like Buzz could give teachers an extra tool in the classroom

The UK Government has approved plans for the hit PlayStation 2 game Buzz to be used for educational purposes.

Buzz is a quiz game, in the style of a game show, which comes with four buzzer controllers that plug into the PS2's USB port. The game asks a series of quick-fire multiple-choice questions and 'contestants' slam their buzzer to answer.

According to reports, the Department of Education and Skills has given the go-ahead for the game to be adapted for the national curriculum - Key Stage 2. The game will also have 'Teacher Features', which will allow teachers to create tailored content for their classes.

"Learning games like this will, we hope, give teachers an extra tool in the classroom," said David Amor, creative director of Relentless , developer of the Buzz titles.

Sports and music versions of Buzz are currently available and the technology has been applied to different licenses including Who Wants To Be a Millionaire .