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Philips 258B6QJEB review

A premium 25-inch monitor that looks the part

Philips 258B6QJEB
Philips 258B6QJEB

If your desk would suit a slightly smaller-sized monitor than any of the larger 27- and 28-inch Quad HD monitors that are widely available, the Philips 258B6QJEB is definitely a worthy contender that you should consider. At full retail price, it may not be as good value as the very similarly specified Dell U2515H, but shop around and the Philips can be found for an identical price making it a very sensible alternative.

The IPS panel is responsible for truly excellent image quality that is about as good as it gets without forking out a great deal for professional RGB monitors, and a wide range of image settings allows you to set the monitor to perfectly suit both the kind of content and applications you are using, and the room in which the monitor is situated.

The incredibly thin bezel means that not only does the monitor look good, but it can be easily paired up in tandem with a twin display to give minimal ugly black borders. It is also worth mentioning the wide choice of connectivity options and the four-port USB hub that make this monitor ideal for either home or office use.

We liked

Beyond the very good quality Quad HD IPS panel, it will be the very thin borders that's the stand-out feature which strikes you first – and this combination makes for a monitor that is a pleasure to use.

The wide range of connections are most welcome, as is the highly adjustable (and very sturdy) stand, which allows for 90 degrees of rotation and plenty of tilting and swivelling.

We disliked

Although the image quality is fantastic, the response time and refresh rate may be a little low for serious gamers.

The 258B6QJEB isn't the cheapest monitor out there – if you shop around you can get a similarly specified 27 or 28-inch monitor, albeit with less connectivity and perhaps slightly larger bezels.

Final verdict

Though there are cheaper 24 and 25-inch monitors available, the combination of an excellent Quad HD IPS panel and very slim bezels make the Philips 258B6QJEB a very attractive option for those who haven't quite got the desk real-estate to cope with a 27 or 28-inch monitor.

With great connectivity and a versatile stand, this monitor is highly recommended for those looking for pin-sharp visuals in a slightly smaller package.