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Novatech nFinity 2367 Plus review

An Ultrabook that's affordable for all

Novatech nFinity 2367 Plus
The option of buying the Ultrabook without an operating system installed makes this versatile and future-proof


  • Cheap
  • Boots quickly
  • Loads applications fast
  • Performs well in office tasks
  • Long battery life


  • Ugly
  • Uncomfortable typing
  • Mediocre display
  • Dull appearance
  • Poorly designed chassis

We've recently been inundated with a torrent of Intel Ultrabooks from big-name brands, such as the Toshiba Satellite Z830, Asus Zenbook UX31, HP Envy Spectre and Lenovo IdeaPad U300S.

These ultra-portable and powerful laptops all come equipped with solid-state drive (SSD) storage, long battery life and a chassis that's thin enough to give the Apple MacBook Air a run for its money.

Smaller manufacturers haven't been so quick off the mark, though, which makes the Novatech nFinity 2367 Plus the first Ultrabook we've seen that isn't from an established, global computer company.

Novatech nFinity 2367 Plus review

That isn't to say Novatech is small. The British firm has been selling both components and customised PCs for a while, and in keeping with tradition, there's plenty of choice with its Ultrabook range, with the option of an Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processor, and varying quantities of storage and memory.

They're all less expensive than the bigger brands, and there's also the option to buy a model without an operating system, which reduces the cost further.

We're talking significantly less expensive. The Core i3 Novatech nFinity 2367 Plus model that we were sent is priced at just £625, and comes with 4GB of memory, a 128GB SSD and Windows 7.

Novatech nFinity 2367 Plus review

Without Windows, the low-end Novatech nFinity 2367 model costs just £430, and the top spec Novatech nFinity 2637 Core i7 model is only £699.

An Ultrabook free from the shackles of a pre-installed operating system opens up the possibility of installing a distribution of Linux, such as Ubuntu, on the Novatech nFinity 2367 Plus.

You can also try the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, or even Windows XP, if you wish.