LG gram 15 (2016) review

Bigger, thinner and lighter than a MacBook Air

LG Gram 15 review

It's tough to argue that LG came out with one of the year's most interesting phones in the LG G5. It should be equally tough to argue that the firm came out with one of the most interesting laptops of the year in the LG gram 15.

We liked

It's one thing to be thinner and lighter than the MacBook Air – that's already been done. But bigger, too? Now you're talking.

Sweeten the pot with a vibrant screen with narrow bezels, tons of connectivity options and more power than one of those machines could ever muster? Shut up and take my money.

We disliked

LG cut a few corners to get to some of those highly competitive figures, like a goofy webcam placement and slightly more scratch-prone metal. The biggest offender of all here is the battery life.

It's simply too short for such a first-class product, though not so egregious as to be unusable or unreliable while on the road.

Final verdict

This is, hands down, the most impressive 15-inch laptop I've used in a long time. I've long been a believer in 13 inches being the ultimate form factor for laptops, but both the Surface Pro 4 and now the LG gram 15 have broadened my horizons.

The gram 15 is beautiful proof that 15-inch laptops can easily be thin, light and powerful machines without making huge cuts and costing a fortune. That said, there could potentially be better deals (on paper) out there. It depends on what matters to you most in a laptop.

Regardless, look at this $1,099 laptop next to the $1,299 that gets you into a MacBook. Which looks like a better deal to you? I say go for the gold.