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Browser plug-ins giving hackers route in

Quicktime - a route in?
Quicktime - a route in?

More and more viruses are targeting third party browser plug-ins and add-ons like Apple's Quicktime media player – according to Microsoft's Security Intelligence Report.

Microsoft's report into the first half of 2008, suggests that exploits in its own software are declining as malware producers begin to focus on third party browser add-ons to gain access to people's PCs.

With a huge amount of computers using Microsoft products, the company is in a unique position in terms of providing a snapshot of the security problems worldwide.

More than half

The latest report showed that 58 per cent of browser-based exploits were in non-Microsoft products for Windows XP users. This amount rose to 94 per cent for Vista users.

The most common vulnerability for XP users was Microsoft's MDAC_RDS, but Apple's Quicktime plug-in, two RealPlayer exploits, WinZip and Yahoo's Webcam add-on are all in the top 10.

For Vista the entire top 10 is taken up by third-party applications.