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Twitter DogHouse app helps you quieten din of over-tweeting pals

Twitter DogHouse app helps you quieten din of over-tweeting pals
Send a Twitter friend to the DogHouse and tell them why

A new third-party Twitter app allows users to temporarily unfollow people by sending them to the DogHouse.

The new Twitter DogHouse app sends those noisy members of your Twitterverse into the quiet corner for a pre-set amount of time.

This could come in handy if a dear friend clogs up your timeline by tweeting minute-by-minute coverage of a Toshiba keynote, or a rugby league game, or something equally tedious.

If you want to be a jerk about it, the app will even send a tweet to the user in question telling them why they've been sent to the DogHouse, and one to welcome them back when their time-out expires.


Users can access the functionality through the Twitter DogHouse website or can send a tweet directly to the @TwitDoghouse account, followed by the username, the allotted time and any personal message.

We must say we're intrigued by the functionality on offer within the Twitter DogHouse app, a recent winner of the CloudSpokes challenge.

However, we'd love the ability to hide the tweets of users for a while, rather than the mean-spiritedness of physically unfollowing and refollowing them.

The new app, developed and designed by Elan Dubrofsky and Jure Stern, works across a host of desktop and mobile browsers and is available for your to try out now.

Via: Mashable