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Triggertrap time-lapse photography concept unveiled

The Triggertrap concept reinvents the picture-taking wheel

A photography author has unveiled a new universal camera trigger, which replaces the conventional means of taking snaps with something altogether more awesome.

The Triggertrap concept, which has been designed primarily to assist with time-lapse and hands-free photography, will enable you to trigger your camera's shutter in an almost unlimited number of ways.

Triggertrap can be used with any camera thanks to a universal adapter and, thanks to the auxiliary port, can be configured via radio signal, a laser-beam, by sound or by using a timer, among other methods.

The project encourages users to dream up any number of ways to trigger your camera using the device.


As with any cool concept, the creator is currently seeking funding for the open source project and is well on the way to reaching the $25,000 target to help build the Triggertrap.

For $70 you can get a do-it-yourself kit to make your own modifications, but for $75 you can get a ready-built Triggertrap camera trigger.

You can watch a video of the concept at kickstarter.The deadline for ordering and contributing to the project is July 31st.