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Microsoft open to PlayStation on Windows Phone 7?

Microsoft keeping an open stance on Windows Phone
Microsoft keeping an open stance on Windows Phone

Microsoft hasn't ruled out the possibility of another console platform appearing on its Windows Phone operating system.

Speaking to Michael Chang, senior product manager for the mobile communications marketing group at Microsoft, he pointed to the company's open standpoint on competitor products:

"If you look at our history in mobiles, we have never blocked anything off this platform because we compete in the same space, at least not in the phone space."

History of openness

"While I won't cite a specific scenario, I think our concept of openness with partners and our mobile ecosystem often includes our competitors, such as allowing Exchange on other devices.

"We think it's pretty clear - I was slightly worried that when we showed off Xbox Live on the Windows Phone 7 platform people might think it was Microsoft trying to own the [mobile] world.

"But the simplest way to put it is that there's a very obvious reason we called it the Games hub and the Music + Video hub: Zune and Xbox are key parts, but not the only parts, of the overall Windows Phone experience."