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USB Digital Microscope from Brando

Here Hair Here!
Here Hair Here!

Brando's new USB Digital Microscope is a rather intriguing USB peripheral to have some fun with in the office.

It's basically an easy to use handheld microscope, so you can look at your hair enlarged up to two hundred times – as illustrated right here!

Ideal for repairing

As Brando informs us: "It is ideal for various applications such as science and engineering work and study, dermatology (skin/scalp) exam, detailed repair, assembly and quality control (i.e. electronics, mechanical, etc.), hobbies and collecting (coin, stamp, watch, jewelry, etc.), law enforcement (counterfeit ID, crime lab, etc.), entertainment or simply as a reading aid."

The microscope magnifies anything from 10x all the way to 200x.

"You can view everything from the pre-prepared slide of a honeybee leg to a close up of your own tongue," adds Brando's blurb, not actually making it clear why you would want to do the latter.

Charming Jap-lish

Most niftily, you can also "capture" a photograph, or video with a simple mouse click.

Also released by Brando today is a rather nifty USB Carabiner Flash Drive.

As Brando describes it, in its endearing 'Jap-lish' "it's another fancy stuff for your daily life."