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John McAfee will pay $100,000 if you manage to hack ‘unhackable’ Bitfi cryptocurrency wallet

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John McAfee has offered a $100,000 (around £75,000. AU$135,000) to anyone who can hack his latest business venture, the Bitfi Wallet.

“My Bitfi Wallet is truly the world’s first unhackable device,” the eccentric founder of the McAfee antivirus software claimed in a Twitter post, and offered the bounty to anyone who can prove otherwise.

The Bitfi Wallet is a hardware device for storing your cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin) in a way that means they can't be stolen by hackers. When you need to pay by cryptocurrency, you use the Bitfi wallet to make the payment.

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How to claim that bounty

If you’re a hacker that fancies calling McAfee’s bluff, then you need to follow these rules to claim the money:

  • We deposit coins into a Bitfi Wallet
  • If you wish to participate in the bounty program, you will purchase a Bitfi Wallet that is preloaded with coins for just an additional $50 (the reason for the charge is because we need to ensure serious inquiries only)
  • If you successfully extract the coins and empty the wallet, this would be considered a successful hack
  • You can then keep the coins and Bitfi will make a payment to you of $100,000

It’s certainly a sign of McAfee’s confidence in the product that he’s willing to put up this kind of money, though many people will dismiss it as a publicity stunt.

Either way, it'll certainly be interesting to see just how "unhackable" this wallet really is.

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