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No more lawsuits over P2P music sharing

Music pirates won't be sued anymore, but they're still in the RIAA's sights

Prompted by negative publicity and, possibly, by poor results the US music industry has finally decided to stop suing people who share copyright material online and will instead pressure ISPs to act.

The adverse impact of being seen to threaten children, senior citizens and even a dead person has led to the Recording Industry Association of America dropping its policy of issuing writs.

Threats still apply

Instead, the RIAA will work with internet service providers and ask them to tell their customers to stop file-sharing. It claims to already have arrangements with several ISPs and to be working on adding to the list.

Sanctions for offenders are likely to include throttling their internet connections to a lower speed and, ultimately, being cut off completely.

If the RIAA move is seen to work, it's all but certain to be replicated in other countries around the world.