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Friends Reunited has closed its doors, but nobody noticed


Friends Reunited, launched in 2000 and one of the original social networks, is shutting its doors after 16 years. Unfortunately, no one really noticed.

Aside from a few hangers-on, pretty much everyone is on Facebook or LinkedIn for their post-study networking these days. Facebook and Twitter dominate the market, so it was a surprise to hear that Friends Reunited had still been quietly re-uniting old chums for all this time.

In fact, founder Stephen Porter posted on his blog on January 9 that it was time to wind things down, and it's taken this long for people to notice.

Porter wrote that the service was longer used for its original intention, and had become a bit of a desert wasteland. After two sales and an attempt to rejuvenate the site, Porter felt it was time to put it to rest.

It's not the end of the road for Porter, who will be concentrating his efforts on a new private platform for collating life's memories called Liife. It will be interesting to see whether that venture can do enough to differentiate itself from current social networks of a similar ilk.