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French govt puts 'three strikes' law on hold

French piracy law put on hold for now
French piracy law put on hold for now

France's much-criticised three strikes internet piracy law has been delayed by the French government's very own data watchdog, which wants to know more details about how the scheme will work.

The French government has been trying to push through the controversial "three strikes" law for repeat copyright infringers, but its own privacy agency is still not completely convinced by the plan.

Watching the watchmen

The Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (CNIL) is a department in the French government that effectively 'watches the watchmen' – making sure all government databases and data collection "respect the human identity, the human rights, privacy and liberties."

The new authority – HADOPI - is set to compile lists of alleged offenders, along with dates, number of infractions, penalties, etc.

Before the law can be finalised, CNIL want more information on how HADOPI's data collection will work in practise.

Until then, the controversial law is on hold.