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PlayStation 3 drops Linux support

PS3 loses Linux support
PS3 loses Linux support

PS3 owners will no longer be able to use the 'install other OS' option following the latest PS3 firmware update this week.

The update arrives on Thursday April 1st, but Sony assures us that this is not an elaborate hoax or All Fool's Day gag, via the PlayStation Europe blog.

Security excuses

Sony says the move is due to nebulous "security concerns", though that is unlikely to please PlayStation 3 owners that have been happily running Linux on their Sony console for a while now.

You can, of course, always opt out of the upgrade, but then again that means that you will lose out on being able to access PlayStation Network and play games online.

To be fair, if you would rather mess around playing with Linux on your PS3 than play Heavy Rain or Uncharted 2, then there is something a bit strange going on in the first place…

Via PlayStation blog (EU)