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The PS4 'slim' has leaked online and there are pictures and a video to prove it

PS4 Slim

We might not be seeing an official reveal of the PlayStation Neo until its announcement on September 7, but we might have just gotten our first glimpse of a second piece of new PS4 hardware, the PS4 Slim.

The images initially came courtesy of a Gumtree auction listing in Manchester which has since been removed, but the image was then picked up and shared on NeoGaf.

Upon finding the ad, Eurogamer was able to track down the console in question and posted the following video proving its existence.

If Sony is readying a 'slim' version of its PlayStation 4 console, then it would be a strikingly similar strategy to Microsoft's pairing of its slim Xbox One S with the more powerful Project Scorpio, which is due out next year.

Slim meets Neo

According to Eurogamer, the slim PS4 is expected to launch later in September.

If a slim PS4 is on the horizon, it's not yet clear whether it will offer upgraded functionality over the existing PS4 (like the Xbox One S's 4K upscaling and UHD Blu-ray player) or whether it will simply offer the same console in a smaller housing.

When contacted for comment, Sony's response was, "PlayStation does not comment on rumour or speculation".

Via: The Verge