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Reports of new PS3 greatly exaggerated

A more efficient PS3 will arrive, just not next week

Reaction in the media to yesterday's Sony corporate strategy plans has been extremely positive, with much emphasis placed on the Lazarus-like return from the dead Howard Stringer appears to have conjured up.

However, there has also been speculative talk surrounding the implications of Kaz Hirai's PlayStation presentation, including some creative interpretations of the PS3's hardware roadmap.

Efficiencies expected

While nothing specific about the future of the box was discussed, Hirai did say that the creation of new Cell CPUs that drive the PS3 has already transitioned in its entirety from 90-nanometre processes to 65nm.

Although he added that 65nm production of the RSX graphics chips "has begun this year already," he did not specify a date for getting them into retail machines.

More efficient manufacturing techniques do indeed mean lower construction costs and reduced power demand from the PS3, but there was no implication that the better graphics processor being reported in many places is as imminent as many think it is.

Sony has previously said that a major turning point for the PS3 will come when both the Cell and the graphics chip can be shrunk. As far as we can see, we're still looking at much later this year before that happens.