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PS3 update brings auto downloads and more love for PS Vita

PS3 update brings auto downloads and more love for PS Vita
We still have plenty of love for you, PS3

Sony has pushed out a new PS3 firmware update, 4.50, and this one actually has some pretty cool new stuff.

First, the update will unlock the automatic downloads feature previously kept for PlayStation Plus subscribers only, meaning the console will be able to download purchases and updates without interruption.

There's also more love for the PS Vita with the update unlocking the ability to transfer all your game and media data from the PS3 to the Vita wirelessly - cable no longer necessary.

Humble bundle

Finally, Sony has thrown in new trophy settings that will let you choose which trophies are visible to others. Because, y'know, gamers are so humble that they won't want to brag about all their achievements.

It's nice to see that Sony still very much has the PS3 in mind despite the fact the PS4 is coming next month.

Luckily there are no signs of pesky PS3 bricking problems this time - which is even better news.

You can go grab the update right now. Right now!

  • Have you heard the word? The PS4 is coming!