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Déjà vu all over again as Wii smacks down PS3

It's business as usual, with Nintendo entertaining the masses anew

About this time every month we get the games console sales figures from the critical battleground of Japan, indicating how well each of the major players has fared in the previous four weeks.

As we well know, the PS3 has been blazing a comeback trail, but January's stats surprised everyone by showing the Wii with as healthy a lead as ever.

What's going on?

The first month of 2008 saw Nintendo's white wonder restore its dominance by selling three times as many consoles as Sony's PlayStation 3. The raw data show 479,931 Wiis sold and just 165,719 PS3 boxes shifted.

Although Sony doesn't comment on unofficial data, the numbers must make executives in its newly profitable games division privately disappointed. Still, at least it isn't in Microsoft's position - the Xbox 360 sold just 27,044 units in Japan last month.

Of course, no one was expecting anything but a Wii victory at this stage, but January appears to represent the equivalent of a 6-0 thrashing, rather than the tight one-nil the form book suggested.