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160GB PS3 confirmed for October

The new PS3 will have 160GB of hard-drive space for games and movies

Updated: Barely a month after Sony announced the 80GB version of the PlayStation 3, it performed its usual bait-and-switch and bestowed upon us a console with a

160GB hard drive

at a premium price point.

Scheduled to arrive in Europe on October 31st, the new PS3 comes with a single Dualshock 3 controller and the historical adventure game Uncharted: Drake's Adventure. So far, we have only the American pricing, which is way up there at $499 (£268).

Media in mind

We do know that the European bundle will include credit good for €70 of downloads, presumably from the PlayStation Network. And, given the large step of doubling the HDD to 160GB, it's pretty clear what the extra storage is for – movies.

SCEA's press release spells it out: "The bundle is also a great option for consumers who want to utilize PlayStation Network's video delivery service, which offers new blockbuster movies and popular TV shows for download on an ongoing basis."

UK pricing

Closer to home, Sony plans to continue to sell the 80GB Core Pack model at £299.99, suggesting the UK price for its big brother will come in closer to £350. We'll bring you the details when we get them.